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Compilation Of Funny Gambling (Especially Poker) Jokes

This article was written by: Jannah Strat for Celebrity Poker Players

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Jannah Strat is an efficiently writer from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. She's writes anything that has to do with online gambling. She tackles all about Casino Games, Poker Players and Sports Betting. She also owns two blogs about some of the best and hottest Poker Players and her blog about Celebrity Poker Players.

Gambling has been a part of our daily life. Either you are a gambler or not, gambling is almost everywhere. At the malls or even in sidewalks. Different kinds of gambling has been spread thoughout different countries and continents. Even having their own rules and versions of the game.

Even if gambling is at it's largest today, some of us lose it's way and eventually loosing everything he has. But we should always be positive in every way we can and try to control ourselves when to hit or when to stop and cash out.

With that said I want to spread some smiles for my few readers. Here some gambling jokes (but mostly it's about poker) I collected from everywhere in the internet. Hope you enjoy it.

Wanna have a different kind of poker tournament? Then this one's for you :)

You'll wanna change condo if you have a situation like this...

Revealed! Why male poker players can't concentrate while playing their favorite game.

Avoid cheating! That's one advise I can give you to avoid this...

This is what happens if WSOP, WPT or other poker tournaments hasn't been founded.

Lady Gaga really made an impact for her song "Poker Face"... even in animals

This is what I call "Team Woorf" I mean "Team Work"

Because of the upcoming Christmas and New Year celebration, I know some of you are finding a good diet plan. Well i think this will help you...

Some of us may have wondered why some online poker players gain more money overnight...

Like the title of the comic said, "Why dogs make lousy poker players"... (maybe it hasn't heard the song "poker face")

Love can be compared to gambling like Lady Gaga did for her song Poker Face...

It's true it doesn't matter if you lose...

And my favorite part of all... This really make me laugh!

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