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Cornel Andrew Cimpan On His Second WPT Title

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Cornel Andrew Cimpan WPT 2009 Winner
Cornel Andrew Cimpan took down his second title in the 2009 World Poker Tour – Foxwoods World Poker Finals more than $900k after overpowering an intensely bull-headed final table. The WPT Foxwoods World Poker Finals was set for an exciting finale as the cast of poker pros consisted of 2 former WPT champions.

Between the 6 finalists, they have made an impressive 4 previous final tables, 32 wins, and have collected about $3.5 million in winnings for their WPT careers.

As Cornel Cimpan said that he had no problem praising his own game after the heads-up match with Soheil Shamseddin especially after entering heads-up play with a 4-1 chip disadvantage.

Cornel Andrew Cimpan came 36 hands into the match-up. With blinds at 100,000 and 200,000, while Soheil Shamseddin opened proceedings with a 600,000 raise. Cimpan hold for a while before making a re-raise and Shamseddin, who had Cimpan covered, went all-in. Cornel Cimpan called instantly and turned over 2 Aces while Shamseddin had an Ace and Jack of club.

World Poker Tour 2009 contestants

In the end, the head-to-head match for the $910,058 first place prize came down to Soheil Shamseddin and Cornel Cimpan. At the start of the heads-up match, Shamseddin held a 8,020,000 chips to the 2,570,000 chip advantage over Cimpan but the chip lead changed hands a few times before Cimpan in the end came out as the champion.

When flop came with cards 8 and 7 of clubs and 5 of diamond giving a loony flush draw, Soheil Shamseddin jesting asking for his body bag to be brought to the table for Cornel Cimpan, as the King of Diaomonds came on turna nad Ace of Spades on the river, Cornel Cimpan lead over Soheil Shamseddin.

Cornel Wins the WPT World Poker Finals with $910,058 while Soheil Shamseddin Eliminated in Second Place with $463,332.

"He was tough, but I'm just a little bit better, It was nowhere near as tough as the L.A. final table." Cornel Cimpan said.

Here are the full results from the final table:
  •       Cornel Andrew Cimpan – $910,058
  •       Soheil Shamseddin – $463,332
  •       Matt Stout – $265,710
  •       Eric Froehlich – $232,496
  •       Curt Kohlberg – $199,283
  •       Lee Markholt – $166,069

Cornel Andrew Cimpan Showing His Win at the WPT

Cimpan earned $910,000 for the win and his second WPT title. Cornel Cimpan's first WPT title came in the Season VII L.A. Poker Classic. In that event, Cimpan outlasted Binh Nguyen in a talented final table that also included Mike Sowers, Chris Karagulleyan, and Chris Ferguson.

The next WPT tournament is a prominent Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic will take place Dec. 14-19, 2009 in Las Vegas.

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