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The Poker Legend: Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson

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There's no stellar name in poker world than the most recognizable, respected and the most feared poker player - regardless of his age, none other than Doyle Brunson. Even as a young child, Brunson showed a competitive streak. His focus was not on cards, but on more physical, athletic pursuits, including track and field and basketball.

Doyle Brunson was an intuitive athlete who went to college on both a basketball and track scholarships. His NBA career with the Minneapolis Lakers back then, draw to a close before it began when he imploded his leg in an accident at the gypsum factory where he was working pre-season. Unfortunately, Brunson's leg never healed inaptly, that is why every time he seats at a poker table, you'll catch sight of his crutch standing nearby.

Being a dog-eat-dog in nature, Brunson turned to the game of poker to pander to his need, and it wasn’t long before he found himself making more as a professional poker player than at a typical office job. Visiting an office building one day, Brunson discovered that everyone was at the back playing poker. His first poker game, Brunson won over one month’s salary in just under 3 hours. He decided to quit his job and focus on poker full time.

Brunson continued his winning ways. At a full speed, he established himself as one of the best poker players in the poker world. Times were tough for a poker playing - as poker was then illegal. However, regardless of those dreadful game norms, he travelled about looking for good games, trying to stay safe from both the police and the outlaws. During these years he met and became close friends with other poker legends such as Amarillo Slim, Sailor Roberts and Benny Binion.

In 1976, he won the main event the World Series of Poker, winning again in 1977. Overall, Brunson has won 10 WSOP bracelets denoting 10 tournament victories, the second most all time in a tie with Johnny Chan. Unfortunately, Doyle Brunson was eliminated from the 2007 WSOP main event.

In 1978, Brunson released his famous poker book "Super / System" now regarded as a poker classic and one of the most authoritative poker books ever written which refers it as "The Bible of Poker" and it begun the top-selling poker book of all time, and still selling 14,000 copies every month. Inaddition, Brunson recently published a sequel, "Super System 2", which includes new games, new strategies and insight from not only Brunson himself but also some of the other biggest names in poker today.

Doyle Brunson plays online poker exclusively at Doyles Room. He also plays at the Bobby’s Room VIP Lounge in the Bellagio Poker Room where he regularly heads with the biggest cash game players in the world. He also travels the poker circuit and plays in the biggest buyin tournaments in the world. To date, Doyle Brunson earnings ranges to $5.3 million just by playing in a poker tournaments.

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