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The Royal Flush Girl: Melanie Iglesias

The world hottest girls are not just in the scene of magazine, poster, billboard or in a commercial, do you know that they've already invade the scene of online casino gaming, land-base and tournaments of gambling. They weren't the traditional girls or ladies that we just see. They were made to be the beauty and spice of this world, enticing guys with their stunning and attractive attire, knowing that they are not just having a pretty looks that drives man's go crazy with their sexy hot body and know it is their best assets.

Do you know what makes this girls went to this kind of business or recreation skills, it is all because girls attempt to expose their-selves to something new, something different that made them feel more beautiful and strong. Like Melanie Iglesias The Royal Flush Girl who has the skills, and bewitching beauty and hot sexy body, she got it all, but what interesting about her is she let herself explore things that boys dealing more right now. Melanie has the most attitude towards his career she is a singer /songwriter and also belong to a oriented family, one of eight kids, belong to a large family and even passionate NBA fan and specially she is deadly poker player.

Now the image of girls is not just a soft, timid, quiet they were now the woman of the world a symbol of new generation who is able to do the things that a man could possible do. They like exploring, hot thrill and exciting. They like molding and even curving themselves to the finest that they could be. Having been part of the Royal Flush she will represent the not only our the integrated world but also the global spirit of the World Poker Tournaments. Four of the six Royal Flush Girls will appear at each WPT.

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