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Joe Cada The New Youngest WSOP Champion

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Joseph Cada
Joseph Cada realized that college wasn't meant for him. A college dropout from Shelby Township, Michigan. But his decision proved to be the most lucrative of all. He is the youngest poker player among the WSOP November Nine members. One of which is the crowd favorite, Phil Ivey, and a self-employed logger of Maryland, Darvin Moon.

The charismatic young lad has been playing poker for six years. His poker history dates back when he and his brother played online poker. When he entered Macomb Community College, he is already steadily playing online poker. By that time, he was introduced to a real casino in Windsor. Not long after his introduction to the real casino, he became a regular and played at live tables and enjoying every victory. After two semesters, he droupout of college and persue in becoming a poker player.

Now, he is one of the most talked about poker players. After Darvin Moon's legendary run, Joe Cada defeated Moon, take the $8,547,042 and the bracelet, and become the youngest World Series Of Poker Main Event Champion after Peter Eastgate's mark set only a year ago.

Cada has the advantage over his opponent when he came into the table, however after an hour in the heads-up match, Moon's aggressive play remedied his chip deficiency.

But Cada didn't lose hope. After the river 7 spades gave him a straight and a 20M chips. After two and a half hours, the hand of the match began with the board showing 10 clubs, 5 diamonds, 9 hearts and 10 diamonds, Cada fired out 3M chips.

All-in re-raise was Darvin Moons response. Cada made the call after some consideration, tabling J hearts and 9 diamonds while Darvin Moon turned over 7 spades and 8 spades. To win, Moon needs to have a Jack or a 6 but unfortunately has been denied when a 3 was turned over.

Darvin Moon admits that he wasn't expecting a win. “Am I sad about it? Am I depressed? Hell no.” He earned $5,182,928 for second place.

“I want to thank my friends and family for taking time away from work and school to be here,” Joe Cada said.

Despite being a newbie in this tournament he proved anything can be made possible.

“I’ve dreamed of winning this tournament, and to do it the first year out of the gate is unbelievable,” said Cada. “This is just amazing.”

Joseph Cada said that as a WSOP champ he would be a strong ambassador for the poker community.

“I would absolutely love nothing more then being the youngest to win it and embrace the role, even though I am very shy when it comes to cameras and such,” Cada expressed to

In his appearance in the CBS's The Early Show, behind his newly won $8.5M cash. He was unwarranted in his claim of having an aversion to cameras.

“I was really excited to play. It’s really a long shot because there are 6,500 people in the tournament,” replied Cada to surprisingly poker-savvy Early Show co-anchor, Harry Smith when asked about his expectations upon entering poker’s biggest tournament

“But I was really looking forward to playing in it.”

An interview with Time Magazine gave a clearer indication of how he would serve as a champion for some of the many issues facing poker.

“I support the right to play poker online. Poker isn't gambling. It's a hobby, an activity, a game,” said Cada to Time’s Matt Villano, asking about the legality of online poker in the U.S.

Cada surely is wise beyond his year. He seems more mature to me.

“It's not about luck — it's about logic, decision-making, math. We all should be able to play poker on the Web if we want to, and I believe that making it illegal strips us of our rights. This is an important issue, and hopefully we will see it resolved soon.”

To Mr. Joseph Cada, congratulations!

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