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Tommy Vedes Wins At WPT Festa Al Lago

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The final table of the 2009 World Poker Tour Festa al Lago Classic $15,000 No-Limit Hold’em championship commenced yesterday with 275 players had cut down its way down to the final six, and they returned to see who would win with the grand prize of $1,218,255.

Tommy Vedes finished the table against Freddy Deeb with a few hands when he eliminated the most well-known professional at the final table in 4th place and grew his chip stack to a commanding lead of $9.7 million. After Freddy Deeb was eliminated when his pockets of four was busted against pockets of six of Tommy Vedes, Jason Lavallee picked up his first elimination of the final table. When heads-up play began Tommy Vedes had 9,320,00 chips with Lavallee not far behind with 7,170,000.

Tommy Vedes held onto the lead for 40 minutes before Jason Lavallee caught up with him on the 12th hand of heads-up play. It took 37 hands for Vedes to get the chiplead back and only three more for himto eliminate Lavallee altogether. Jason Lavallee turned up A-J, while Tommy Vedes showed his dominated A-10 suited. The flop brought a 10, giving Tommy Vedes the lead in the hand. The turn and river helped neither player, and Vedes had received his miracle double-up.

World Poker Tour Festa Al Lago Final Table Payouts:
  • Tommy Vedes – $ 1,218, 225
  • Jason Lavallee – $ 795, 150
  • Craig Crivello – $ 477,090
  • Freddy Deeb – $ 278, 300
  • Jason Burt – $ 208, 725
  • Shawn Cunix – $ 168, 970

A few hands later and the two players were all-in once again. Jason Lavallee had a slight chip advantage prior to this hand taking place. After a pre-flop raise from Tommy Vedes, Lavallee pushed all-in holding pocket fours. Vedes called holding pocket fives, and was far ahead in the hand.

"At that point the king comes and it crushed Shawn, which is unfortunate, because he is a good guy, but from that point, I knew I just had to win it." Tommy Vedes said. Moreover, Tommy Vedes said that he's scheduled to play at the Caesars Palace Classic in Las Vegas Tuesday and plans to head to WSOPC Southern Indiana, WPT Foxwoods and WSOPC Lake Tahoe immediately after, just to see if he can keep the ball rolling. The next WPT event is the Foxwoods World Poker Finals running November 5 - 10.

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