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Annette_15 Of Online Poker: Annette Obrestad

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Anette Obrstad best poker player A poker phenom from Norway, Annette Obrestad is one of the most talked about best poker players in the game today. Despite her age and relatively short poker experience, Annette Obrestad is famous for her extremely aggressive playing style and her consistently successful reading strategies. With her surprising talents have led this young girl into the spotlight in the world of poker.

At the age of 15, she has racked up winnings of close to $300,000 in the last two months alone and quickly began winning $100 tournaments and often took prizes upwards of $10,000 at a time. Her online play was so aggressive and successful that she began to play at tables with the highest stakes possible. She stormed onto the poker scene in 2007 with a slew of high stakes online poker victories, and then made headlines when she won the inaugural World Series of Poker Europe Main Event for $2,000,000 that same year at the age of 18.

Her success, or otherwise, has made her a “famous cause” in the online poker community and she probably has more threads on more poker forums devoted to her than any other player at the moment. A lot of people even criticized the way she was brought up as she admits to being taught seven-card stud by her dad at a very young age, and started playing online poker when well below the legal age.

When she started playing online poker she asked her mom for her credit card details so she could deposit some money but her mom refused. Not to be frustrated she entered a freeroll tourney and won $9. Since that day she claims never to have made a single deposit and has built up her bankroll to several hundred thousand dollars from scratch. What isn't in doubt though is that she’s an incredible player and has become one of online poker's biggest earners in less than 6 months.

Annette Obrestad the online poker's biggest earners“I remember back when I was building my bankroll and I was playing really tight, not making moves, never bluffed, just played ABC poker all day. That got me to a certain point and I knew I could beat the low stakes games. I had a long period where nothing happened and I just felt like I was stuck. I realized that in order to move up and be able to beat the big guys playing the higher buy-in tourneys, I had to change my game. So I started experimenting with raising marginal hands that I usually wouldn't play and decided to improve my post flop play even if that meant looking like a donk for a while. After making many funny moves and a lot of mistakes, I finally got the hang of it and I think that's when I really started winning a lot.” Annette Obrstad said.

Annette Obrestad has had multiple wins in PokerStars $100 and $50 rebuys, which usually attract several hundred runners, and has found herself competing on over 25 final tables in her short career to date. Annette Obrestad, from a small town called Sandnes in Norway, isn’t even old enough to set foot in a Vegas casino yet, but when she is, expect her to tear up a few World Series of Poker (WSOP) fields in the years to come.

She played in her first offline tourney in UltimateBet showpiece $5,000 buy-in Aruba Classic – at the end of September and hacked through a field of over 500, eventually finishing 37th which is good for another $12,415. But in September 2007 would see her shoot to super-stardom when at the age of 18 she outlasted a field of 362 to win the first-ever WSOPE Europe - good for a cool £1million. It also made her by far the youngest WSOP Bracelet winner in history, a record which may never be broken. The month after she proceeded to follow this up with 2nd in the EPT Dublin for another $429,181. All in all, her total live tournament winnings exceed $2,521,408 and all before she is old enough to even set foot in a Vegas casino.

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