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Mclean Karr Wins At WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star Event

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The World Poker Tour Bay 101 Shooting Star, a poker tournament with a twist, drew to a close this weekend as McLean Karr emerged triumphant. A final table that began with so much promise flamed out rather quickly on the final day of the World Poker Tour Bay 101 Shooting Star $10,000 no-limit hold’em main event in San Jose, California. The deep blind structure set up by Matt Savage and his tournament staff struck again on the final day of the tournament and a champion was not crowned until just before 3 a.m.

The final table of the Bay 101 Shooting Stars Classic concluded early Saturday morning as McLean Karr, down to just 10 big blinds with 27 players left when day 3 started, winning $878,500, which includes a $25,000 WPT Championship seat, defeating Andy “BKiCe” Seth in heads-up play. Phil Hellmuth was the first elimination at the final table, when his QQ lost to Seth’s AJ when another ace hit the river, causing Phil Hellmuth to curl up in the fetal position.

Though Phil Hellmuth looked to be in good shape heading into the final table at the Bay 101 Shooting Star Poker Tournament; the 11-time WSOP bracelet winner was 2nd in chips, and by far the most experienced best poker player left in the field. Unfortunately it was not meant to be for Hellmuth who was the first player eliminated at the final table. Hellmuth has yet to capture a WPT title, and is now 0-for-5 at final tables on the WPT.

The winner of the tournament and $878,500 was Mclean Karr, who eliminated three bounties in route to victory. Karr knocked out Erik Seidel, Greg Mueller, and John Cernuto to add $15,000 to his tournament winnings. Surprisingly, Mclean Karr was the tournament’s short stack with 27 players remaining. On his comeback, Karr told WPT Live Updates Hostess Jacque following his win, “I was on life support. I got it in good, tripled up, won a few coin flips, and thanks to this great structure… once you get a few chips back, you have a shot again.” McLean Karr said.

Andy Seth would soon find himself heads up with McLean Karr, who seemed an unlikely final tablist after being crippled on Day 3, but his patience payed off. Eventually, Seth found himself all in with two fours against Karr’s two eights, gaining no help from the board, to secure Karr his first WPT title and $878,500 in prize money.

The two players were neck in neck chip-wise when Seth shoved all-in with pocket fours and Karr called with pocket eights. The board brought no four and brought the ten-hour final table to a close with Karr besting Seth for the title. McLean Karr celebrated with his friends, fans on the rail and biggest supporter, Maria Ho after the win. The 28-year old online poker pro was ecstatic following his win, recalling how close he was to elimination just one day prior.

Here is a complete list of the final table results: 1st Mclean Karr with $878,500 2nd Andy Seth with $521,500 3rd Dan O’Brien with $292,800 4th Hasan Habib with $234,300 5th Matt Keikoan with $175,700 6th Phil Hellmuth with $117,000

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