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Tom Dwan Wins In 9 Minutes Against Patrik Antonius

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Tom Dwan Wins Against Patrik AntoniousWorld's best poker players Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Patrik Antonious squeezed in a very short session on Friday. Over the course of 9 minutes Tom “durrrr” Dwan managed to take Antonious for a very sizeable $230,710 extending his overall lead in the Challenge play to $1,986,418.

Things didn’t get any better in the latest session, which lasted just 61 hands and saw Patrik drop more than $230,000 at the $200/$400 heads-up Pot Limit Omaha tables.

The biggest chunk of that money came from a single $184,234.50 pot. In it Patrik Antonious saw a Broadway straight on the flop but was defeated by Tom Dwan who held two flush draws. Ironically it was Antonious who made the biggest raise of the hand pushing the bet up to $53,400 total in the final round of betting. Only a few short minutes after his massive hit Antonious called it a day to go nurse his wounds elsewhere.

Patrik Antonious lost a $81,998 pot when he flopped top set holding Jc-Js-4c-2s. He managed to get a check-raise in against Tom Dwan’s flop bet, but he called holding a wrap straight draw and then got the rest of the Finn’s stack when the turn card got him there. Another $76,799 pot went Tom Dwan's way when his Kc-Kd-6s-2h flopped top set against Antonius’ Ah-Ac-9s-3d and Antonius refused to slow down with his unimproved pair of aces.

Tom 'durrrr' Dwan

"We're much happier to be playing in better games than facing each other heads-up,there've been so many great $500-$1,000 games. That seemed unlikely at the beginning of the year (when the Challenge was conceived). I'm sorry to everyone who got so excited about it and expected constant action, but I'd rather have the extra couple hundred thousand dollars I'll make by playing those other players.” Said Tom Dwan, who as of Tuesday at 4 a.m. ET was ahead by $62,677 with 42,753 hands to go.

Patrik Antonious

"I've been waiting hours and hours every day, and I've been in the mood to play a lot, every time I ask Tom [to play], he says no, he doesn't feel like playing. It feels like he is always the one who always quits. He says like every second hand that he's just tired, that he doesn't feel like playing." Patrik Antonius said with obvious frustration.

The two high-stakes poker pros have now completed 33,303 hands in the Durrrr Challenge – they have another 16,697 to go. Between the two of them a total of $274 million has been wagered. Tom Dwan has the lead by $1,986,418, but if you think that’s insurmountable you should probably read up on heads-up PLO variance. Still, Patrik Antonius seems to be in a rut two-thirds of the way into the challenge and he’ll have to pull a pretty big comeback if he wants to avoid paying out a loser's fee of $500,000 to Tom Dwan.

With 31,000 of the 50,000 hands in the books, Tom “durrrr” Dwan is steadily pulling away from Patrik Antonius in their “Challenge Match”. The two players were able to log some 2,000 hands over two separate sessions with Dwan winning close to $150k over the two sessions; putting his total lead to $1,077,932. Tom Dwan is suppose to face Phil Ivey next, but with the length of time it has taken Antonius and Dwan to play 50,000 hands it seems quite likely the parameters of the challenge will be tweaked a bit if the match does take place.

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