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Shana Hiatt: The Hot and Sexy Female Face Of Poker

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Shana Hiatt in World Poker Tour
Have you watched live poker tournaments like WPT or Poker After Dark? Or even try to play at online casinos? Well if you haven't then you probably been missing a lot of fun. Especially, if you haven't met our next HOT poker player. She (yes, a girl) is not just a poker player, before she was a model, an actress, and she also became a host of two prestigious poker tournaments on TV.

You probably have heard of this hot and sexy poker player. Shana Hiatt (often mispelled as Hyatt) is the proverbial "Poker Girl." She has been the sought-after hostess of WPT (World Poker Tour) and now she still is it's rival poker TV show, Poker After Dark.

Joining the recently inducted Poker Hall Of Famer, Mike Sexton and her husband's brother and WPT (World Poker Tour) co-host Vince Van Patten, Shana Hiatt was one of the original voices of poker in today's poker industry.

Shana Hiatt Sexy Poker Player and Host
An "Army Brat," Shana's early years in childhood were spent by traveling around the country with her parents and her younger brother. In Shana Hiatt's Life, Travelling was a recurring theme.

At such a young age, her future career was already been discovered. She became very interested in television at the age of 8. But unlike other children, she would sit in front of the TV for hours, watching the news and analyzing broadcasters. At very moment, she was already building up her future career interest. She want to become a news reporter.

Shana Hiatt was also athletic. Shana developed a taste for sports and seem to be one of the kids who hate to sit down in front of a poker table for hours. She was into Lacrosse and Field Hockey. She also lured boys in with her cheerleading skills.

"It was St. Patrick's Day at Penn State in a frat house. There was some green punch. It was somebody from high school who I never did anything with. I took him into the bathroom with me."

Shana Hiatt Sexy Pic while Biting Poker ChipsIn order to study Broadcast Journalism, Shana enrolled at Burlington County College in New Jersey after graduating high school. Still in pursuing her childhood dream as a news reporter, She began modeling part-time and it was a split-second success. She was spotted by Ray Manzella, a respected agent who made careers for Vanna White, Jenny McCarthy and Pamela Anderson. Shana started her successful modeling career.

Representing Beach Haven in 1995, she was once Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA before she became a poker hostess, and after winning the local Hawaiian Tropic Pageant at Touché nightclub in 1994. In 2002, she was also a Keystone Light Girl and was number 75 in Maxim Magazine's "Hot 100 of 2005" list.

"I like a real man. Not a pretty boy who looks in the mirror longer than me and who shaves his body." Is Shana's preference in looking for a the man of her dreams.

She was married to Jimmy Van Patten, an actor and a poker player. He encouraged her to aim for a newscast career and her beauty surely helped her off. And this is how her acquaintance with World Poker Tour started.

In 2004 she debuted as the WPT host. "It was a fun experience, because poker was so new to me," says Shana. "I was thrilled to get the job so that I could learn more about the game."

Beautiful and Sexy Shana Hiatt Host of Poker After Dark
Shana Hiatt doesn't play much poker very often but she surely enjoys her job, "My favorite part [of the job] is traveling to so many beautiful locations, including Paris, Aruba, Costa Rica, and the many casinos in the United States. Costa Rica offered the most diverse scenery of all of the locations we visited with its rainforests, stunning waterfalls, and a live volcano."

Shana still continues to work as a model. Her pictures was on the cover of several popular magazines, such as Muscle Media Magazine and Playboy not to mention other famous magazines, which issued her photos. "I’ll go for a run, do yoga, ride my bike, walk my dogs, or play softball with my friends," Shana shares, talking about what she's doing in her free time.

Shana Hiatt's contribution in the poker industry was most well known and respected. A woman with so many amazing talents including modeling, dancing, acting and hosting she has brought grace, elegance and beauty to the WPT and other poker TV shows she hosted and played at, even in online casino poker rooms.

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