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Chess Champion To Poker Champion: Howard “The Professor” Lederer

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Howard Lederer Fulltilt
Howard Lederer is consider as one of the most quick-witted and the best poker player nowadays with multiple World Series Of Poker bracelets and World Poker Tour titles and roughly $ 5,000,000 in total poker tournament earnings. He seems to have gained the respect of other players and shows a serious intellectual manner of play and it was perhaps this that entitled him the nickname of the professor by teaching his sister Annie Duke how to play poker.

In 1980's, as he is following his dream as a chess champion and a member of a Mayfair Club - a legendary circuit and home to the greatest games players in the world. He eventually discovered poker in the back room of a New York chess club. He became part of the Mayfair Club of world-class games players who were the first to experiment with No-Limit Hold 'em when it was launched in New York City.

For 2 years that got hooked in the game, the professor played poker unstoppably for more than 80 hours every week playing and analyzing the game for hours each evening and night until his game showed great improvements at this time.

Howard Lederer
In 1993, Howard left New York for Las Vegas and began his string of high-profile wins. The first came at the 1994 Hall of Fame Poker Classic when he won the $2.5K No-Limit Deuce to Seven Draw event, and his second followed in 1995 when he defended his title in the same event. He concentrated on cash games until 2002, when WPT tournaments became monthly events. His game continued to improve and he earned his first of two Hall of Fame titles when he won the $2,500 No-Limit Deuce to Seven Draw event at the 1994 Hall of Fame Poker Classic. A year later, Howard earned his second title by defending his Deuce to Seven Draw title at the 1995 Hall of Fame Poker Classic.

After his 5 years of working his finger's to bone, Howard Lederer his frist bracelet in the $5,000 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo event at the 2000 WSOP. In 2001, he also won another gold bracelet in the $5,000 Deuce to Seven event WSOP.

Howard Lederer contributed a commentary and analysis on Full Tilt Poker's "Learn from the Pros" and the Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament. He also contributed to the famous poker coaching titles “Dead Man’s Hand” and “Little Green Book” and created the instructional video series “Secrets of No-Limit Hold ‘em.” As his role “The Professor” in the poker industry, he created the Howard Lederer Fantasy Club which players have a chance to learn how to play poker.

When The Professor is out of the poker table, a vegetarian Howard Lederer won a $10,000 place bet made against him by David Grey by eating a cheeseburger.

Howard Lederer Poker Tournament Highlights:
  •       2000 – He won the $5,000 WSOP Limit Omaha Hi-Lo event
  •       2001 – He won the $5,000 WSOP Deuce to Seven event
  •       2002 – He won World Poker Tour (WPT) title
  •       2003 – Won at Bellagio Five Star World Poker Classic in a No Limit Hold'em event
  •       2004 – Won at Bellagio Five Star World Poker Classic in a No Limit Hold'em event and Bellagio 

Five Star World Poker Classic – No Limit Hold'em event
  •       2008 – Crown Aussie Million championship – First Place

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