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Top Poker Tournaments In The World

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Poker tournament has never been so in demand and the popularity of poker tournaments means great things for all poker players. There are more poker tournaments and more entrants which mean weaker competition overall, and greater prize pools. The rise in poker popularity can be hunt down to a few different things.

The poker tournaments are full of fun, thrill and excitement. If you think, playing in a live tournament is same as playing online. It is not the same. You witness the enthusiasm of other players and would miss out the electrifying atmosphere of the live tournaments.

These are guaranteed big time poker events and players are on the spotlight whenever they go beyond in these prestigious tournaments:

World Series Of Poker - WSOP

The World Series of Poker began in 1970 but became a real competition in 1971. It wasn't until 1991 that the prize money hit $1,000,000. Since then the prizes have continued to grow and the publicity and popularity of the game has skyrocketed. What many people don't realize about the World Series Of Poker is that it is not just a single tournament.

Word Series Of Poker represent the wettest dream and highest ambition of most or all poker players around the world. The World Series of Poker has a very rich tradition and years behind its back for delivering excellent results from the different poker tournaments that they feature year in and year out.

For almost a fortnight, the most highly skilled players from novice to professional do battle for a share of the millions of dollars in prizes, all in the remarkably apt setting that is Las Vegas. Whether it's the title, the bracelet, the adrenaline or the cash, the competition is as fierce as the lions at the MGM Grand.

World Poker Tour - WPT

The World Poker Tour is a collection of Texas Hold'em poker tournament held internationally, but mainly in the United States. WPT, which is associated by WSOP bracelet winner Mike Sexton, celebrity poker player Vince Van Patten and Shana Hiatt served as the show host and sideline reporter in its first 3 seasons.

The World Poker Tour has been known for featuring some of the most prevailing poker tournaments nowadays making a part of the Five Diamond World Poker Classic at the Bellagio, the World Poker Finals at the Foxwoods Resort Casino and the WPT World Championship.

WPT is the highest level of poker play. The World Poker Tour is the professional poker league, and together with the WSOP it is now sought-after as the best professional sports leagues in the business. The World Poker Tour holds poker tournament weekly in different venues around the world, and it has been exciting fans for 9 years.

European Poker Tour - EPT

The European Poker Tour is sponsored by the online casino with the purpose of taking advantage of the poker upturn in Europe. PokerStars set up the EPT in order to offer European poker players a major tournament venue, without them having to travel to the USA to participate.

The European Poker Tour has been making waves in recent years by featuring world class poker tournaments in Europe such as the EPT Barcelona Open at the Casino Barcelona in Spain, the EPT Dublin Open at the Merrion Casino Club of the Royal Dublin Society in Ireland, and the EPT Grand Final at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort in Monaco.

The EPT was created by John Duthie, who is the Chief Executive of the Drawing from his wide span of knowledge piling up from his years as television director in the UK, he teamed up with PokerStars to fine tune the ETP poker tournament circuit events. By coordinating with the Sunset & Vine production company to tape and air the tournaments on television throughout Europe.

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