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Jonathan Duhamel the Biggest Chip Earner

Jonathan Duhamel is a young professional in the gaming world of poker. He reign and called as the biggest chip earner. He is a 22-year-old poker pro from Boucherville, Quebec, Canada. He was before a finance student and from there he learned his talent playing poker and gain knowledge from his friends. But then he dropped out of college after a year as a finance student and he continue his professions as a professional poker gamer. He also posted as part of the top-20 finishes at major tournaments, with his early and next event at the 41st annual WSOP.

Duhamel Has a good track of record of winnings chip he became the leader heading into the final table, boasting 65,975,000 in his stack. Having the highest of all who had the chip he remain confident in all this action. He already had the experience like an expert who already has the integrity and name on the game. He's skills on the game brought naturally on him and through that many people impressed on him. He has a talent which runs on his nerve even in a very young age he already made his career top the rank.

He's initiatives drives him to aim more on this field he has a good momentum on the game with this competitive skills and great attitude dealing to his game. He even believe that in the moment that you need to lay your strategy it better to abuse or hold the moment that the opportunity is in you able to manipulate what his opponent planted to steal the game. Now with all his achievements and winnings he already had we can say that he has a great future on a poker world and encountering those big in name in the industry is not a threat anymore on his side. So whether playing in an online casino or in a land-base casino it has already been proven that young professionals are getting all push to play and to showcase their talents.

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Maria Ho

 Before we normally see that only guys are the one who battled in a casino tournament and rare to hear certain woman gamble. But season change and woman's given an equal fair of chance and opportunity to gamble without any fear to compete, categorizing as woman's. As a woman's of new generation they have now the guts and same rights in terms of professionalism, work and justice, they can do freely everything they want to achieve their dreams. Same thing in playing in a land-base or online casino, even joining to a tournaments that would give pleasure to them and give a big break to showcase what they got.

The lady who have the same skills, talent and interest as like to opposite sex. She is Marie Ho of Arcadia, California, born in a traditional Chinese family in Taipei, Taiwan. She's a professional poker player. She has a good skills and interesting strategy playing poker. Many do envy her, even admire her for her talent in gambling. Knowing that Marie was the last woman standing in 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event out of thousands players who joined the competition. Marie Ho is the new generation of all the ladies who want to explore and do anything, wanting to try new experience and explore not even afraid to do and shows who she really is. With lots of talents bearing with her. Almost perfectly fine to compare into a competitive masculine guys in her age or even more.

Maria Ho started her poker in 2002, in San Diego Country which various of Indian casino is being observed. And from her last tournament cashes from the 40th World Series of Poker 2009 Event #33 for the Hold'em World Championship 11th - $ 41,040 he got the chance to take home such price. Furthermore Maria Ho is just a symbol of a modern woman who intended to shows that the woman are not just an ordinary woman but they were the new voice of the generation.

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Sae Jin Lee: Korean Poker Gamer

The long wait is over after the declaration of the Resort World Manila Inaugural Poker Championship. Sae Jin Lee from Korea won the game after the three days of intense poker heavy action with a great fight against his fellow Korean Jeon Seuong Soo who badly tried to even their stacks but it didn't work as Sae Jin Lee secure played secured his plan and win the title. Sae Jin Lee lasted on the field and for about 269 players with the best and notable and prominent names from the international and local poker scene together with local poker gamers.

Reaching the final table round fighting with ten other along the table game. Sae Jin Lee took the PhP 860,800, Then Jeon Seung Soo got PhP 457,300 for the second place. Thrid Eric Cheung having PhP 215,200 , fourth Ed Marcelo with PhP 161,400 next Paul Hirakawa for about PhP 134,500, sixth Martin Gonzales PhP 107,600, seventh Willy Maliksi PhP 80,700, eighth Gerardo 'Jay' Lubas PhP 53,800, and in nineth place Sam Munloong PhP 51,100 and last for tenth place Elmer Binondo PhP 45,700.

Lee even had a hard time fighting not with a tough opponents from asia even the treat of the leading players from the philippines the former champion of 2009 Neil Arce, also kent Del Rosario, Vic de Guzman and Mark Pagsuyuin. Sau Jin Lee opponent Jeon Seung Soo use an aggressive plan strategy but then it oppose by the champion Sae Jin Lee. As champion he received trophy and PhP 860,800 cash and stay for about one-night stay at the six-star Maxims Hotel provided and courtesy of host Resort World Manila. The tournament successfully finished and the long waited happened everyone got a memorable experience battling with other poker players, it just show how great and how poker influence to the people.

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