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Tom “Durrrr” Dwan: Poker To Online Poker Champ

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Tom Durrr Dwan
One of the biggest and greatest names in high stakes cash game in a live poker and online poker player is Tom "Durrrr" Dwan. Whether he is at the high stakes tables on Full Tilt or featured on High Stakes Poker on GSN, in just 3 consecutive years, Tom Dwan has established a reputation that puts him on par with Phil Ivey, David Benyamine, and other poker pros.

Tom “Durrrr” Dwan started playing poker at age 17 on Paradise Poker. He started playing in play money games and in low stakes sit-n-go tournaments. He decided early on that he wanted a nickname that would inspire tilt in his opponents. Hence, "durrrr" was born. Tom Dwan began with a $50 bankroll at the age of 17 in micro stakes cash games and Sit & Gos, rapidly eating his way up in the poker world.

At the age of 18, Tom “durrrr” Dwan had become a regular fixture at the $200/$400 games on a renowned online casino poker Full Tilt Poker, often playing against superstars Patrik Antonius, David Benyamine and Phil Ivey. In 2006, a far-famed “Bluff” magazine piece was run on Tom Dwan in 2006 where the reporter sent to cover Dwan watched the prodigy log onto his famed “Durrrr” account and play an impromptu one-hour session. In that session Dwan made $200,000. This would equal to $3333 a minute, or around $55 per second.

Tom Durrr Dwan Poker PlayerTom Dwan cashed in the very first event he ever played live, which was the 2005 EPT London. He made nearly $12,398. His first major cash would occur in 2007 when he finished in 4th at the WPT World Poker Finals. This time, he took home $324,244. Durrrr has yet to pick up a major tournament win, but he has amassed over $1 Million in tournament wins. However, one must remember that Dwan is still only 23 years old.

Dwan has been making headlines for most of 2009 due to his much publicized Million Dollar Challenge issued to any pro player willing to take him on. Durrrr will face any pro that will put up $500,000, other than Phil Gaffond, over the course of 50,000 hands. If he is victorious, the pro must pay Dwan $500,000 in cash. If Dwan loses, then he must pay out $1.5 Million to the winner. The first match is with Patrik Antonius, but most fans are looking forward to the "durrrr" vs. Phil Ivey match.

In Tom “Durrrr” Dwan’s online poker games are also amongst the most-watched poker related clips on There, you can see Tom “durrrr” Dwan engaged in all sorts of six figure cash game hands including a crushing pot where the phenom cracks Aces to the tune of $267,000 holding 7-3 off-suit. Reminding many players of a young Doyle Brunson, "durrrr" is among the most feared online poker player in the game today. About the only high stakes pro that garners more respect at present is Phil Ivey.

Tom Durrr Dwan and Patrik Antonius

His last tough poker fight was in Isildur1. Tom Dwan talks about his poker match between Isildur1, “Also, I’ve been playing Isuldir1 a lot lately. He’s a very aggressive player, and there have been some huge swings because of both of our aggressive styles. A month or so from now, I’ll probably be addressing the games in a more detailed entry, but as of now I’ll save that for a later date.”

Phil Hellmuth VS. Tom "Durr" Dwan

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