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$1M Poker Chip Countin' in Amazing Race Season 15 Finale

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The Amazing Race
After a lot of hardship this show offered it's players more challenges awaits for the last three teams. Their last stop is Las Vegas, the city of sins. But one of the highlights of this last race was counting one million dollar worth of poker chips and meeting Mr. Las Vegas. The Amazing Race Season 15 Finale was one breath-stopping episode you shouldn't miss.

Ericka and Brian has been the first to arrived at the bouquet catching challenge but they have a hard time doing the task. While the brothers, Sam and Dan came in next and Meghan and Cheyne were the last team to arrive at the scene.

Eventhough last to arrive, Meghan and Cheyne were the first to catch the bouquet and go to the next task. Just about a minute-or-so interval, the brothers catched the bouquet and rushed to the next task where Meghan and Cheyne are going.

Amazing Race Ericka Dunlap and Brian KleinschmidtEricka is loosing her cool. Ericka and Brian find it hard to do the task. Being the first team to arrive at the place, they were now the last team. With Ericka panicking because of her height and being unable to reach the bouquet. She was lucky that Brian didn't lose it. Although, she was already shouting at him and in the brink of crying. She demanded a change of strategy and choose Brian to be thrown in the air to reach the bouquet.

But Brian knew it will be an impossible strategy because, although his height was an advantage, he was heavier and Ericka can't possibly charge him in the air that high. But to make Ericka stop panicking he change place with Ericka.

In the meanwhile, Meghan and Cheyne didn't know the answer in the question provided by the clue, "The most famous casino in Monaco." Sam and Dan first tried to tail Meghan and Cheyne but when they felt that the two didn't know the answer to the question, they change their strategy and ask people what's the answer to the question. Luckily, they were provided by the right answer, "The Monte Carlo Casino."

Meghan and Cheyne have landed in the wrong casino but they still try to ask people the answer to the question. For the second time or so, they were provided with the same answer, The Monte Carlo. The two rushed as fast as they can but find themselves stuck in traffic.

Amazing Race Daniel and Samuel McMillen
Back to Ericka and Brian, Ericka tried to propel Brian in the air but can't get that high as she was being thrown. For the last time they exchange places and do the task over and over again. At last, Ericka catch the bouquet and rush to the beautiful girl dressed in hawaiian clothes. They read the question and knew the answer right away unlike other teams. They rushed to see if they have a shot.

The brothers arrive at the casino and read the instructions to their next task, $1M poker chip counting. The two get all the red chips first and stack them for easy counting. They were already ahead of counting when Ericka and Brian came. The two were relieve to see that Meghan and Cheyne waren't there and like the brothers strategy they collected the red chips first.

Meghan and Cheyne came last and do the same strategy as the other teams but unlike them they were calm and focused. The brothers are now panicking and Ericka and Brian can't focus enough because of the brothers squabbling. After a minute or so, they finally pass them to the casino employee in charge of counting the poker chips. The team should have exactly $1M equivalent poker chips.

The Amazing Race Season 15 contestants

Tension is felt in the air inside the Monte Carlo Casino as the three employees counted the poker chips of three teams. Every team has one casino employee counting their poker chips. Another lucky strike for Meghan and Cheyne as they were correct and given the next clue.

The two other teams were incorrect and tried to count everything again. The brothers were already shouting at each other. Dan is already panicking and obviously didn't know what to do as Ericka and Brian recounted the poker chips calmly.

Amazing Race Meghan Rickey and Cheyne Whitney
Meghan and Cheyne try to ask people inside the Monte Carlo Casino about the next task, they have to go and find Mr. Las Vegas. Dan and Sam finally counted the poker chips correctly and were given the next clue. Ericka and Brian are again the last team in the race.

Meghan and Cheyne arrived at the hotel were Mr. Las Vegas is. When they arrived at room 88, Mr. Wayne Newton was the one to welcome them with a soothing piano music and a hug. They were provided by the next clue and finally the end of the race, Mr. Las Vegas' house. The two rush at the finish line as the brothers were the next one to arrive at the Hotel.

In the finish line, Phil Keoghan and other Amazing Race Season 15 contestants including poker players, Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle, were there waiting for the winner of the race. Meghan and Cheyne arrived at the place and were delighted to hear that they were the first team to arrive and officially become the Amazing Race Season 15 winners. Dan and Sam came in second place while Ericka and Brian were the third and last team to arrive.

To Meghan and Cheyne, the race was tough but you two were still calm and focused. A well deserve win.

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