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$500K Online Poker Dominates 8 Year Old Boy

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Did an 8 year-old really win at online poker? Allegedly, the rumor is that Aashish Nanak, an 8 year old boy from Chandigarh, India, won approximately $500,000 which accumulaoted for a bout 22,912,500.38 Indian Rupees in an online poker tournament. 

The Nanak family from Chandigarh knew their son had a gift after Aashish Nanak started showing a keen interest in computers aged just three. Apparently he was introduced to the internet by his mother, who would would sit him in front of a cartoon playing on a computer screen to keep him quiet while she went about her cleaning duties at a local hotel. 

Form states that according to his mother, Nanak has been using the internet since he was 3. He started to build web pages by the age of 4. Nanak started playing internet poker when he was just six. As Aashish’s mother Mrs Nanak explained: “Aash has always loved the internet and computers he started his own web pages when he was only four years old, he is a very clever boy.” However, what has really caused a storm is that Aashish apparently started getting interested in online poker aged six, and had clocked up some smaller winnings before hitting gold and taking down a $500,000 online poker tournament.

But the online poker site, which at this moment is unknown, where Nanak won the big amount is refusing to payout the money as it states that the boy was not legally entitled to play poker. Apparently Nanak won the huge sum on his uncle’s account. But the poker site’s terms and conditions do not specifically say that a child can not play under an uncle’s account.

The case for the poker room seems solid at this point, but the Nanak family has also put forth some strong arguments as well. According to them, it was well known by the mysterious poker site that Aashish had been playing at their room. They claim that a staff member from the site had even given him a nickname – the Little Poker Wizard.

The family of the 8 year old are arguing “that at no time was it stated that Aashish could not play in the games”. Also the staff at the poker site nicknamed him “littlepokerwizard”. Clearly they were well aware of his age. As a result of this the lawyer of the family is fighting the poker room decision not to pay the child.

The family claims there was never any problem as the child played and employees of the poker site knew how old he was. The family also claims that at no time were they told or read about the age restrictions while playing online poker.

There is no doubt the money would make a tremendous difference to Nanak and his family of twelve, who would then be able to move out of their present slum location and start a new life for themselves. As their lawyer explained: “Considering that the average wage in India is around 79,735.50 a year that is $1,740, the Nanak’s would be very well off indeed.”

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