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Scotty Nguyen: The Prince Of Poker

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His persona as a cigarette smoking, hard-drinking, lovable loudmouth proceeds him every where he goes, from the poker table to the liqour store. Scotty Nguyen or "Thuan Nguyen" is easily one of the top ten tournament spros active in the world today, a millionaire many times over and amongst the most cherished members of the poker community. 

Yet beneath it all, he is a boy named Thuan who survived civil war, hard labor and worse only to reject the metropolis of Chicago because the weather wasn’t right. Thuan “Scotty” Nguyen is truly the Prince of Poker.

Thuan’s request would be granted and he’d finish his high school career in Orange County, California then head out to Las Vegas to find his fortune as a table cleaner in Harrah’s Casino. It was there that Thuan’s pit manager dubbed the future poker superstar “Scotty” because Thuan was “just too hard to say.”

Scotty Nguyen had his first poker experiences at the felt took place at friends' houses, and despite his inability to take down pots, his ambition led him to pool halls and backrooms, where he tested his game at the higher levels. When Scotty Nguyen was in in his early 20s he moved to Vegas to be closer to the action. Growing up, he had heard stories about the city, and after arriving in California his interest in it grew alongside his passion for poker. And blessed as he was with an insatiable appetite for excitement and cards, there was no better place for Scotty to put down roots and learn his trade.

He picked up a job cleaning tables at a casino and somehow managed to build a bankroll. Scotty then turned to the felt, where he hoped to transform his poker hobby into a true career. But his game still wasn't developed enough. He quickly lost his bankroll and took a job dealing cards, first at Harrah's Holiday Casino and later, the Golden Nugget.

poker turned out to be a valuable career move; Scotty Nguyen sharpened his understanding of the game by observing the methods and mistakes of his customers. He began applying his new knowledge to the low-limit games he played, and his bankroll - and confidence - started to grow. Scotty Nguyen cashed in hundreds of tournaments, including nearly 40 WSOP events, more than a dozen WPT tournaments, and countless standalone events like the California State Poker Championship, Aussie Millions, Poker Superstars Invitational, U.S. Poker Bowl, Caribbean Poker Classic, Monte Carlo Millions and Austrian Masters, to name a few.

Since Scotty Nguyen's first Series in 1995, he's collected five bracelets and made history as the first player to ever win both the Main Event (1998) and the $50k H.O.R.S.E. Championship (2008). Furthermore, of the numerous events he's cashed in, he's final-tabled in nearly half, and has rarely finished outside the top 25.

And his WPT record is nothing to sneeze at either. With more than half a dozen Championship finishes under his belt - most of them at the final table - Scotty holds several World Poker Tour titles and was the first player in history to win the triple crown of a
WPT Championship, the WSOP Main Event and the WSOP H.O.R.S.E. Championship.

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