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Liv “The Scientist” Boree Wins At EPT San Remo

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Astrophysics grad turned poker pro, TV presenter and model Liv Boeree won the biggest PokerStars European Poker Tour event ever in San Remo, Italy today. With 1,240 entrants the PokerStars EPT San Remo tournament bested its own record –set last year—for the largest major poker tournament in European history. 

In the span of a few weeks a woman has won the North American Poker Tour event at Mohegan Sun, and now the European Poker Tour San Remo event! Liv Boeree, a UB sponsored poker pro, earned her way into the PokerStars sponsored EPT San Remo event through a $500 qualifier, and now has €1.25 million to show for it, along with her first major victory.

Liv Boeree came into the final table in fifth chip-position and played a strong game to take over the chip lead from Jakob Carlsson during three-handed play when she eliminated Toni Pettersson. She then defeated Carlsson in the heads-up final to claim a landmark victory.

Liv Boeree overcame Jaob Carlsson’s massive final table chip-lead to win the title, saying, “This is exactly what I’ve been working for since I learned poker, winning a major event…” Liv Boeree has a degree in Astro-Physics– turned heavy metal guitar player, turned television presenter, turned poker pro has elevated herself into the world of poker legitimacy with the win –many female poker players get sponsored more for looks than for results—joining the ranks of Vanessa Rousso, Annette Obrestad, and other accomplished female poker pros.

World's best poker player Liv Boeree says she's put a lot of hours into her game and it paid dividends this week in San Remo.
"I have been working a lot on my game, I had a lot of work to do. Jakob was the person I really didn't want to get heads-up against, but I just played my arse off. It's just incredible. I won my way into the event in a €500 satellite." Said Liv Boeree.
Looking forward, Liv Boeree says she'll be taking care of her new found riches. "I will invest the money wisely, I'm not going to just hit the craps table. I'm going to buy a nice car, and buy a house, maybe two houses. I'm also going to buy a new guitar and a new amp and make a lot of noise in my new house." Liv Boeree added.

EPT San Remo 2010 Final-Table Results:
1 Liv Boeree — €1,250,000
2 Jakob Carlsson — €750,000
3 Toni Pettersson — €420,000
4 Michael Piper — €345,000
5 Alexey Rybin — €270,000
6 Giuseppe Diep — €210,000
7 Claudio Piceci — €150,000
8 Atanas Gueorguiev — €90,000

"I don't want to cry because that's not professional but I can't believe that I've won this. This is incredible. Everyone today played so good. Jakob was the one person I didn't want to get heads-up against, he's such a good player. But I ran well and I played good." Liv Boeree said.
Liv Boeree had stunned everyone when she eliminated Toni Pettersson in third place to take a massive lead into the heads up, not least eventual runner-up Jakob Carlsson who had led until then.

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