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Poker Pro Amir Vahedi Died, Poker Community Mourned

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Professional Poker Player Amir Vahedi
The whole poker community mourned over the death of one man known for, not only his poker skills, but also his smile, colorful personality and cuban cigars. The 46 years-old Amir Vahedi, a well-known professional poker player not only to his co-players but also around the world, died last friday, January 8, 2010 due to complications from diabetes.

The news spread through the use of Twitter, social media website. Mark Seif, another poker pro, post a tweet stating, "I've just been told by close friends of Amir Vahedi, that Vahedi passed away in Las Vegas on January 8, 2010, due to complications involving blood sugar levels. Waiting for more details. Devastating news. Very very sad."

Another poker personality known as the former director of The World Series Of Poker, one of the most famous and prestigious poker tournament in the world, Jeffrey Pollack tweeted, "Amir was one of my favorite people in poker.... This is so sad, RIP my friend, your laugh will always be missed!"

Other well-known poker players and poker fans also made use of the website to express their feelings to the loss of one great poker personality. Here are some of the message:

"Amir Vahedi Rest In Peace my old friend...Amir was one of the nicest, gentlest guys on tour, and everyone loved him...Very sad, diabetes..." - Phil Hellmuth

"RIP Amir Vahedi. Amir was a hard worker that did everything to support his family. My condolences to the Vahedi family. Must be tough." - Daniel Negreanu

"We will miss Amir Vahedi. He represented Doylesroom for a year or so, was a great guy, willing to do anything that was asked of him...RIP" - Doyle Brunson

"Amir Vahedi was the first player Huff and I ever did a video with. Truly a kind soul. Miss him already." - Joe Stapleton

"Still thinking about Amir. What a nice, sweet, funny soul. I keep picturing him with his cigar and his smile. 2 things he always had." - Annie Duke

"In total shock & deeply saddened that my dear friend Amir Vahedi had just passed away. U will truly be missed. Rest In Peace! ;(" - Liz Lieu

"wow. this is real? few people showed me as many smiles and as much love as amir vahedi, in my poker infancy. truly" and " must be willing to die, in order to live... rip, amir vahedi..." - Joe Soebok

"Amir Vahedi is in his own way the man who started it all for me. RIP Havana Banana. Your smile through a stogie will be missed." - Scott Huff

"rip Amir Vahedi. #poker" - Patrik Antonius

"Amir Vahedi was one of the good guys. I'm very sad. RIP" - Howard Lederer

"One of the great personalities & funniest guys in poker is no longer with us. RIP Amir Vahedi! You’ll be missed!" - John Juanda

"I am heartbroken for multiple reasons today, not the least of which is the passing of my friend Amir Vahedi, we lose again as a race!" - Gavin Smith

"Amir was one of my favorite people in poker... This is so sad, RIP my friend, your laugh will always be missed!" - Matt Savage

"Woke up to the sad news that Amir Vahedi died. He had a special personality & spirit & will be sorely missed by all who knew him." - Erik Seidel

"RIP Amir =(" - Jennifer Leigh

"Oh no! RIP Amir Vahedi ... he was literally the first pro I ever played with. He came to Chumash in Santa Barbara to play an event." - Jeff Madsen

Amir Vahedi was an Iranian professional poker player that resides at Sherman Oaks, California. He started playing poker in 1997. The best thing about him (considering he is one of the poker industry's poker pro and who also mentored celebrity poker pro Ben Affleck in playing No-Limit Hold'em), is that he enjoys playing poker. He was a former Iranian soldier who moved to the US as a political refugee.

Poker Pro Amir Vahedi Died Because Of Diabetes

Shirley Rosario mentioned in her website that he asked Amir Vahedi about his tournament success, Amir replied her that he know that he is not the best No limit player in the world, he know that he is not the best Omaha player in the world, but he also knows that he is a great tournament player and that is what separates him at the table.

Amir also said that he doesn't play to survive, but he plays to win. He doesn't want sixteenth or thirteenth place, he wants the first. Having that kind of mentality may seem a little ambitious but if you got though all that, it pays big time!

Poker Pro Amir Vahedi
One of his interview in WSOP he said, "I am not afraid to put money out there and sometimes you just need to let these plauers know who is the boss. You wanna mess with me, it's going to cost you. Sometimes you have to be willing to die in order to live in these tournaments. That is basically it."

Amir Vahedi's colorful personality was displayed at his sixth-place finish in the 2003 WSOP (World Series Of Poker) main event were people all over the world was just started to get interested in the game. His playing style, put his opponent on a week hand. If his opponent hadn't had the Ace, his move would've worked.

Sometimes too much aggressiveness may result to downfall. However, it's the one Amir felt comfortable with. Amir's fierce and unpredictable playing style makes it very difficult for his opponents to read him easily. He may not be on the top but he did get almost great results.

Amir Vahedi's skills and his notorius objective indeed get results. In 2001, he was awarded as the "No Limit Texas Hold'em Player Of The Year". He also had nine No-Limit Hold'em Final Table appearances in 2003 alone. He welcomed the new year last Jan. 3, 2004 by winning the Limit Hold'em Event at Hollywood Park.

Like other people, it took him some time to develop money management discipline. As we all know, this is just one among the many things we really should know especially if you're in this industry. Many poker players didn't give this one much attention and eventually fall deep into the list.

Amir Vahedi With His Cigar
He also admitted that he had urges to play other casino games like blackjack and craps but he overcame that phase and advises others who are serious in playing poker to stick to poker. "If you're in the meatpacking business, you don't go into trucking. The same goes for poker. If your business is poker, then don't touch any other sort of gambling," he said.

"Although poker is largely a game of skill, the beauty of the game is that at any skill level it's possible to walk into a poker room and beat the champion on a particular day." Amir Vahedi said about playing poker.

To Amir Vahedi, rest in peace. Thank you for everything. What you shared to all of us in the poker community you'll be always be in our hearts. To his family, condolence.

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