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WSOP 2009 Champ Joe Cada Not Dating Poker Hottie Jayde Nicole

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Joe Cada 2009 WSOP Youngest Main Event Champ
An image of the recent youngest WSOP 2009 main event Champ, Joe Cada, and Poker Hottie and Playboy Playmate, Jayde Nicole was posted in a thread on TwoPlusTwo Forums. The image of the two (Joe's arms were around Jayde) sparked rumors that the said poker celebs were currently dating.

Poker News Daily confirmed that the rumors are all utterly rubbish - false - not true. In their interview with Dan Frank, Joe Cada's Agent, that the new record holder of being the Youngest 2009 WSOP Main Event Winner he told them about playing a few hand of blackjack with Nicole, but that was it. The only thing that heated between the two is during the 2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA).

Poker Players Joe Cada and Jayde Nicole's controversial pic

Joe Cada told PokerRoad that they were just friends. Poker Players may have think about the impact this issue will provide the poker industry.

"wsop champ dating playmate of the year would be awesome for poker," wrote TwoPlusTwo forum member "Krax".

Jayde Nicole, the 2008 Playboy Playmate of the Year, has recently taken to the felt with an appearance on the Million Dollar Challenge. Nicole was the adversary of Sergeant Denny Luna on the series’ second episode, ultimately falling to the PokerStars qualifier.

Jayde Nicole break-up with Brody Jenner, the son of Olympic decathlon star Bruce Jenner. Nicole is also a regular on the MTV reality series "The Hills." Jayde was also reportedly seen with Entourage star, Adrian Grenier, who plays Vincent Chase on the HBO franchise.

Entourage star Adrian Grenier and Poker Hottie Jayde Nicole

Joe Cada's recent ex-girlfriend has been an instrument to his success in WSOP 2009 main event last November. He has been linked to a variety of women this recent weeks. Now Wicked Chops Poker reported in their poker blog, that Joe has a new hot girlfriend. The pictures of the two was posted in Joe Cada's Facebook page.

Joe Cada's New Hot Girlfriend

Conclusion, Joe doesn't have any hot and sexy relationship or whatsoever with Jayde Nicole. He has a new girl which can be seen in his facebook.

Jayde, on the otherhand, is seeing with another hot guy from Entourage, Adrian Grenier.

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