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Joanna Krupa: Hot and Sexy Poker Spokesmodel

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Polished supermodel, activist, actress and TV host Joanna Krupa is definitely a true self-made sensation who knew early on that she was destined to work in the fashion world and showbiz. Now skyrocketed her fame to the poker world. Joanna Krupa is well-known for being diverse - with regards to looks, talent and content.

Being a hit on the internet, Joanna Krupa who is one of the most googled women on the net went beyond some of the hottest social media websites today like Myspace and Facebook. Her own site and has made a big splash with her new love – Poker (Aww! Guys, don't be jealous). In 2006, she was signed by a renowned online poker site, TitanPoker, to be their official spokesperson. She play poker regularly on TitanPoker and used the site to hone her skills for World Series Of Poker which is her first major poker tournament.

Before she was hooked-up in a poker game, she had once done a photo shoot for Donald Trump's magazine, Trump World, and was invited to the Trump Towers in Atlantic City. She was invited to try playing poker to a charity tournament against the magazine's editors and the cast of The Apprentice. Though its her first time to play poker, Joanna Krupa won the $1,000,000 charity tournament prize. Until now, Joanna Krupa stated that she is a fan of poker, and that she's even playing online poker.

Although Joanna Krupa's first experience with poker actually turned out to be her first big win. Joanna Krupa made an excellent play regardless of having only played poker about a year before the WSOP main event. With a TitanPoker on her t-shirt, she outlasted over 5,000 poker players and celebrity poker pros like Shanon Elizabeth, Jennifer Tilly and poker pro Greg "Fossilman" Raymer.

Joanna Krupa said,"I am happy that I beat a lot of pros from the first day, they play all the time and this is only my second time in a tournament. I'm very pleased with myself."

Being physically active and gracing around 100 covers of world-renowned magazines, Joanna extends her talent to notable film and television projects. In reading through the interviews she has in some of the magazines that have voted her as the "Most Beautiful Girl In The World". Joanna Krupa comes off as down to earth and sincere. No small feat for someone who has received such recognition.

As for a good cause, Joanna Krupa joins PETA's campaign and turned out to be a massive success around the globe. The billboards are a traffic stopper from Hongkong to France with her quote, "I Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur". She also support the Humane Society with her mission "helping those who depend on us the most: children and animals”.

In 2008, Joanna Krupa has been been featured as one of the world sexiest women for the "Sexiest People" series on E! Channel and "Model Of The Year" in Maxim magazine. Parallel she has been developing shows, scoring high at poker tournaments and devoting herself to the fight for animal rights.

Joanna Krupa's versatility shocked poker fans by taking part on some movies an TV shows including Planet of the Apes, Max Havoc, Mercenary, The Ripple Effect, Las Vegas, ER, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Skinner.

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