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Moritz "Catennacio" Kranich

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Poker world played a vital rule in the world of gambling, and the international gaming proved another tournament that marked in the history of professional gamers. In this season of tournament a German named Moritz Kranich took down and won the World Poker Tournament for the Bellagio Cup VI title. Moritz Kranich earned about $875,000 and felt the victory on the first U.S. stop of the 2010-2011.

Moritz used aggressive play to beat a tough final table. With the WSOP Main gaming tournament had played and showed different class of gambling, the Bellagio event didn't garner the kind of attention WPT tournaments usually receive but it was a notable final table. In this tournament one must win and take the prize of the game and it happened that Smith lost to Kranich after a fierce session of heads-up play to once again fall short of victory. Smith picked up $594,755 for his second place and Phil Ivey for $ 363, 650 while John Caridad took $237, 902 and for fifth place Robert Akery took place and last for sixth Eric Afriat gather $118, 950. The tournament end and declared a winner give credit to the people behind it and mostly to the overall winner of the game which is to Moritz and the WPT Bellagio Cup is the second major title in Kranich's poker career.

As everybody knows this gaming shows good aspect of proper gambling's and deal to the right track, It happened that because of different tournaments it showcase different talents and skills when it comes to poker gaming. It shows that many gamers enjoy the game as they explore and experience a kind of a fight to those skilled professionals around the globe. The main factor that this kind of sports is all about strategies and techniques one of the game that requires and make you think deeper for the situation.

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