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Pete Sampras: Wimbledon Tennis Champion To Poker Player

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Pete Sampras | Tennis | PokerPoker has become one of the most played card games in the world and has seen a countless of celebrities and sports taking to both the live poker and at online poker rooms in their bid for excitement and profit and the latest to have fallen for the love of poker is seven times Wimbledon tennis champion Pete Sampras.

The tennis champion managed to raise his earnings while playing on the tennis courts, acquiring a whopping $43,000,0000 during his time as a tennis professional. This amount of money would have set anyone up for life, but Pete Sampras is looking to add a little more excitement into his spare time. The tennis star revealed his love for the game while attending a VIP dinner that was hosted at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California.

According to the sources, Pete Sampras has already been playing poker in a tournament stage, saying that they can reveal that the player has been entering poker tournament that present a buy in fee of $30,000. Pete Sampras is far from the first aging athletic champion to take up poker as a replacement for the sport he can no longer play competitively. Former England soccer star Teddy Sheringham, ex-Australian cricket captain Shane Warne, and Pete Sampras' fellow former tennis pros Boris Becker and Yevgeniy Kafelnikov are all regularly spotted at international high-stakes tournaments. It's doubtful Sampras has any plans to join them any time soon, but if anyone ever plans a charity poker tournament with ex-athletes they could probably do worse than giving old Pete a call.

It all begun when a little child from California discovered an vintage tennis racquet in his basement and begun striking a tennis ball off of a car dock door. When the shots started to make dents in the doorway, they all knew this child was certain thing special. Pete Sampras begun playing tennis when he was young and makes no designs to halt anytime soon. The man who has a serene demeanor, boyish shyness and the examines of a celebrity verifies afresh and afresh what so numerous players, detractors and followers can't deny: he can win, and habitually does. In 1990, when Pete Sampras was only 19 years vintage and seeded twelfth in the U.S. Open, he banged his way into the finals and became the least old man to win the tournament. And we all knew after that first Grand Slam triumph there would be no looking back.

Over the years, the calm monster has gone on to win 13 more Grand Slams: 7 Wimbledons, 4 more U.S. Opens, and 2 Australian Opens. Pete Sampras' most beloved names have arrive on the grasses of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. In 1993, he won his first Wimbledon name, and since that year up to 2000, has gotten to and won in every last, except for a quarterfinal beat by Richard Krajicek in 1996. He is the winningest man at Wimbledon in the Open Era, binding the all time record of seven names that was set in the late 1800's. The historic surrounds of Wimbledon and the intimate Centre Court has become a dwelling to Pete Sampras, a "cathedral" as he one time said. His undeniably flawless grass-court tennis game has made him the best tennis contestant of his time, and he will undoubtedly proceed down in the annals publications as the greatest.

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